Saturday, 27 August 2011

Accidently Falling

I am curious about poems which rely on their structure to express their content... e.e. cummings (all time fave) does this in a sense, or at least he relies on a strange use of gramma, or lack thereof and enjambment, which is possibly the same thing.
Usually I've scorned on poems like this a little, as I feel it just takes away from what is essentially the most important thing in a poem - the words.

Found this though:

Accidently Falling
by Patience Agbabi

Cheers to the not so distant past They always say the first accidently falling in lust period Had we never met each other happened to fall together entwined I would not vintage that bitter-sweet taste of lips met over a glass of wine experienced ninesummersrolled deliciously into our one green bottle Caressed by the waves we went the way of all lovers when tipsy swaying to the hum of summer bees our lust dried up ran though fingers like sand We noticed one-one another's faults your eyes took on that half-empty half-hearted all is over look You laughed when my jokes were serious I cried when we were bodily united tossing on a grey pebble beach desperate scraping the barrel making it up only to quarrel making nothing but memories drew the whole thing out until it was out of control finished sentimental dust I relive it annually smiling vacant over a bottle of wine now it's over past just like the other nine

I'm not convince the wine bottle shape adds anything to the content of the poem...

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