Friday, 4 November 2011

Jenni Overend

Of course, my favorite poet of all time. J.O.


You left a love bruise on my cheek today
with your mouth
so soft
it stole my heart
You were still and pensive
Your deep blue eyes gazing into mine
and then the miracle of the smile that flickered
just for a moment
so sweet
I held my breath


THe dishes are done
the table top wiped
the little clothes
hanging in a row
the wee spotty socks
the little flowery vest
the grow suits
and Nan's handknitted cardy
all out to dry

The overhead lights are off
the nightlight burning
I've tucked mother and daughter in bed
and there's been not a peep

So I wander the lamplit garden
the darkened house
until I'm ready for sleep


If I noticed the warmth of the sun through the window

Or felt the cold of wattle blossom against my lips

Or kissed my husband, feeling the skin of his back under my hand

Or noticed the way the late sun glistened on the grass

Or the way new leaves sprouted from the stumps left by last summer's wildfire

Or heard how the blackbird's sweet voice filled the bottom of the garden

Would I then feel I was ready?

Ready to leave this world because I had drunk wholeheartedly of her richness

Loved her open mouthed

Drank deeply

Wept tears of unknown joy

Could I pass through that door blithely, knowing it was done? Completed?

I cannot tell, will not know, til that portal beckons me …

And even then …

Maybe not …

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